Veges are about to get a lot tastier thanks to Mother Earth

Getting vege into the kid’s lunchbox just got easier....

Here at Mother Earth we know it's not easy to make veges taste yummy, but we've found a way with Vege Fruit Sticks; a delicious blend of real vegetable and fruit purees, wrapped in a soft dough and baked.

These tasty snacks will be a great addition to any lunchbox, with no artificial colours or flavours, Vege Fruit Sticks are available in three delicious flavours:

  • Spinach, Apple, Blueberry & Banana
  • Carrot, Apple and Orange
  • Beetroot, Apple and Berry

The best part? they TASTE delicious so even the fussiest eater won't be able to resist!

Using Colmar Brunton’s Qualitative research team to garner consumer insight, Kiwi kids who sampled the new product loved the taste of it.*

NEW Vege Fruit Sticks are available at leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information on the products click here


*Colmar Brunton Consumer Testing – September 2016