Perfect for sharing, entertaining and gifting

We have just launched New Zealand’s favourite premium nuts in a new large pack!

You won’t miss them on shelf – they look like a jar, fill like a jar but they are not a jar. They’re a clever resealable pack so you always have a good supply of fresh nuts on hand.

Mother Earth nuts are a prime source of plant goodness packed with nutrients and high in protein making them a great healthy snack anytime.

The new large packs offer more nuts for sharing with friends, entertaining and gifting – if you can bear to part with them.

Many people are looking for healthier foods and now they have the option of purchasing larger quantities of our premium nuts so that goodness can be shared.

The new nut range starts in 400g packs and is available from selected supermarkets nationwide. Your favourite Mother Earth Almonds and Cashews, as well as Mother Earth Deluxe Nuts, New Zealand’s only true premium branded nut mix, which include cashews, almonds, pecans, macadamias and hazelnuts - not a peanut in sight!

The mixes are in even bigger packs. Mother Earth Cranberry Trio, a blend of Almonds, Cashews and Cranberries comes in 450g.

A new addition to the Mother Earth family - Scroggin. Filled with 100% New Zealand made Donovan’s dark chocolate pieces, apricot, sultanas, roasted unsalted almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, roasted unsalted cashews and sunflower seeds – all in a whopping 475g pack. The combination of premium chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and seeds is delectable and perfect for snacking.

All told that’s eight new nut packs for you to enjoy, including Mother Earth’s unique Deluxe Nuts with no peanuts, and the brand new SCROGGIN with real chocolate. That’s nature at its most delicious!

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