Did you know…Mother Earth NUTS ABOUT bars are delicious AND gluten free!

Mother Earth Nuts About are a delicious, gluten free nut bar, made with the goodness of Mother Earth nuts and available in five delicious variants: Superseeds, Dark Choc, Cranberry, Almond and Yoghurt.

The bars have been specially formulated to be gluten free, taste delicious and they are packed full of nuts, while other ingredients like sugar are kept to a minimum - nuts are the hero; the way a nut bar should be.

• Gluten free
• Source of fibre
• Source of protein
• No artificial colours or flavours.

Mother Earth Nut Bars are the perfect snack to keep you fuller for longer with all the added benefits that nuts give us for a wholesome snack.
Find your favourite flavour in the lunchbox or the gluten free aisle in leading supermarkets.

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