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Caring for Aotearoa’s native trees

New Zealand’s native environment is important to us. It gives so much back to us that we want to make sure we’re taking care of it. That’s why we’re dedicated to the reforestation of native Mānuka trees.

Mānuka Trees

Mother Earth produces some of the yummiest honey on the market, enjoyed all across the world. But we couldn’t do it without our dedicated beekeepers, and most importantly, our millions of bees. This is why we’re dedicated to helping restore our beautiful native forests.

So far, we’ve helped plant over 2 million Mānuka trees and counting, which provides essential nectar for our bee colonies so they can continue to produce the delicious honey you know and love, as well as supporting the wider New Zealand ecosystem. Once completed, our Mānuka plantation will be the largest in the world. The newly formed forests also provide a safe habitat for native bird species such as Kiwi, Kereru, Tauhou and many more.