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Our Honey Story

From planting Mānuka trees to honey harvesting, we have a dedicated team of experienced beekeepers looking after our own beehives that are home to over 3 million bees. Honey-lovers from 15 countries across five continents are able to enjoy our New Zealand honey. We produce honey with care, attention and respect to the bees and the environment. Till Feb 2020, we have planted over 1 million Mānuka trees as a part of our sustainability initiative in New Zealand.


Our Beekeepers

Our experienced beekeepers care for around 6,500 hives and 3.25 million bees buzzing across New Zealand’s North Island. They work closely with the rest of the honey team in our honey extraction and packing plants, to bring the best possible product to your table.

Bee keeper


Pure Honey from New Zealand 

Our honey is collected from the remote and pristine areas of New Zealand, which sometimes can only be accessed by helicopter. Our Mānuka honey is sent to independent testing laboratories to be certified. We ensure the highest quality honey giving our customers peace of mind. 

Bee hives

From small beginnings, we have grown.
From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy
nature at its most delicious.