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Packaging Information

  • We use three main groups of product packaging – cardboard, soft plastics and plastic containers.

    • Cardboard – our cardboard packaging is recyclable in New Zealand through the kerbside paper recycling scheme.
    • Soft Plastics – Mother Earth bar wrappers are recyclable through the Love NZ Soft Plastics Programme. Our nut packaging (pouches and On-the-Go ranges) are made from plastic number 7, which is not recycled in New Zealand.
    • Plastic containers – the containers used for our honey are made of PET (plastic number 1, which is collected for recycling in every region in New Zealand), and our peanut butter pots are made of PP (plastic number 5, which is collected for recycling in some parts of New Zealand).


  • We use plastic number 7 (other) for our nut pouches and On-the-Go nut packages. This packaging is effective in keeping food hygienic, safe and fresh, but it is not recycled in New Zealand. We are looking into different packaging options, but currently this is the most suitable option for these products. 

    The most commonly recyclable solid plastics are numbers 1 and 2. We try to use these types of solid plastic when possible, but for some products we haven’t got there yet.

    Please check with your local council for details about the types of plastic collected for recycling in your area.

  • We have chosen not to put the recycle number on our packaging to avoid people mistakenly assuming that by having a number it is widely recycled in New Zealand.