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  • The description natural nuts is another way of saying raw or uncooked nuts.

  • Batch roasted means the nuts are roasted in smaller batches to ensure even cooking.

  • Nuts naturally contain many nutrients that can benefit our wellbeing. Eating a handful (about 30g) of nuts every day is a common recommendation. Here’s a guide to how many nuts are in one handful, for each type of nut.

    • Almonds: 25
    • Cashews: 15
    • Hazelnuts: 20
    • Macadamias: 15
    • Pecans: 20
    • Walnuts: 12

    Different nuts contain different nutrients, so eating a mixture of nuts is best.

  • Nuts are a natural product grown and harvested like other produce. Some are grown in the wild, such as Brazil nuts, while others are farmed, like almonds. Being a natural product, the odd nut might not be perfect, that’s nature.

  • Nuts causing weight gain is a myth. Nuts naturally contain many nutrients and good fats, which keep you fuller for longer. 

  • Brazil nuts contain selenium, a nutrient that is often lacking in New Zealand soil. It’s recommended that we eat approximately two Brazil nuts a day for our daily selenium needs.

  • The Mediterranean diet has been commonly proven to be one of the best diets in the world from a health perspective. It includes eating lots of nuts!

  • Our company policy is to purchase ethically sourced foods and we have signed agreements with our suppliers. All our cashews are processed in Vietnam by facilities with BRC accreditation. BRC is one of the highest accreditations in food processing. Besides ensuring very high standards in food safety with many processes and audits in place, it also ensures the staff working at these facilities have decent working conditions. This aligns with our ethical sourcing policy and we are certain no person has been harmed in any way when processing our cashews.