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Natural Almond Butter

Nutritious spread for snacks, mealtimes, baking and cooking; Mother Earth Almond Butter is made with freshly roasted almonds. We simply grind them to delicious nut butter. It’s free from any nasties.

100% natural. No added salt, sugar, oils or preservatives.


A Spoonful Boosts Nutrition 

One serving of Mother Earth Almond Butter gives you lots of pure plant-based goodness 

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals essential for your general wellbeing 

    • Source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect from free radicals

    • Source of Vitamin B3 for your vitality and maintenance of nervous system and skin condition

    • Source of magnesium for electrolyte balance, helps maximise protein creation and optimises nerve and muscle functions

    • Source of phosphorous aids conversion of food to energy

  • High in beneficial monounsaturated fast for heart health*

  • Longer-lasting energy

    • Almonds estimated low Glycaemic Index (GI) rating means there’s a slow, sustained release of energy from the almonds to your body

  • Plant-based goodness

*Reference: NZ Nutrition Foundation, monounsaturated fats appear to protect against heart disease by increasing the levels of “good’ HDL cholesterol.

Create Occasions 

Mother Earth Almond Butter is deliciously versatile. Eat it in lots of ways at any time of day or night. Spread it on hot toast, pancakes and bagels, enrich sandwiches, boost oatmeal and smoothies, add punch and flavour to baking or dollop it on slices of apples and celery.

Most of all it’s a convenient snack directly from the pot. By the spoonful. Anytime. Always delicious.

Spread the goodness.